How I Met Your Mother
A Star Trek:VOYAGER Fanfiction By Polomare
January 2009 * 1,130 Words * Rated PG or T

"Daddy, tell us the story again Puleeeese!"

"Yeah, tell us how you met Mommy. Tell us about the danger and the adventure!"

"And how you fought off the bad guys."

He chuckled softly, "According to your mother, I was the bad guy."

That set all three of his children chittering and chattering in excitement. They bounced on their beds and tossed stuffed animals into the air. He soaked in the scene. What father's heart wouldn't swell to full capacity at the sight of his healthy, robust children bursting with the pure unadulterated joy of childhood? He wondered to himself if it was a universal constant among the young of all species to resist bedtime so strongly.

He tried to affect an air of sternness. "Children!" he growled.

They quieted immediately and looked up at him with appeasement. Amazing how they all had his eyes and her hair and . . . oh, how could he say no?

He reasoned that the house was lonely with their mother gone and so quiet after the children went to sleep. Telling a story would help shorten the night for him as well.

"Very well," He pulled a chair to the center of the room. "One story. But only if you all tuck yourselves in, snug as bugs in rugs."

They obliged eagerly. Once settled, they all stared back at him expectantly from their beds.

"Well, you all know I met your mother in glorious battle. . ." With that, his youngest son made a spear throwing motion at one of his sisters, complete with sound effect.

"Daddy! Tell him to stop!" There was a slight crankiness to her voice that told him she would soon be asleep. The others were sure to follow.

"Perhaps that story is too much excitement. I don't want you guys up all night." He searched his mind for something that had a gentler, fairy tale quality to it. "There was that time our ship crashed and we had to make a deal with the enemy to get back home . . . " he reconsidered. "There was that time we were stranded in that far off place. It was beautiful but strange and so deserted . . . and I fell in love with her all over again."

He turned to look out the bedroom window. He felt oddly moroseful. He always became this way when they were apart for too long. Her diplomatic and negotiating skills were constantly in demand, he understood that when he chose to make a life with her. He longed for the day when she would retire her position and he could have her all to himself. But today, he knew her people needed her.

His eyes became unfocused. As if it were out of his control, he delved into a story he previously had no intention of telling. "There was the time I almost lost her. In fact, I did lose her. Her life slipped through my fingers right before my eyes. I screamed her name and pounded the earth. I cursed the devil that coveted her for his own and pleaded with the Great Spirit to restore her to me. My soul tore in half as I knew I wasn't just facing a loss of her, but of all of you as well." The little ones sat wide eyed, gaping. Their youth did not protect them from the penetrating depths of his pain. He shook off his catatonia when he realized the effect it was having on his children. He smiled through tear soaked eyes in an attempt to soften the shock. "You see, I knew each one of you before you were born. I saw you in your mother's eyes."

Even though he had managed to successfully breathe life back into her, the trauma was still remarkably raw after all these years. He shouldn't have told that story. He could never really stem his emotions when it came to the thought of losing her.

He knew he owed the children a soothing lullaby after that trip down dark memory lane. So he picked a favorite and sung them off to sleep. He had no real desire to leave his seat in the middle of the room. He might just sit in this chair all night. He never got much sleep when her side of the bed was empty anyway.

He closed his eyes and opened his ears, enjoying the harmonious chorus of soothing comfort. A cricket. A tree rustling softly outside. The soft breathing of his children . . . but slowly, steadily . . . he became aware of a noise that was infiltrating the distant background. Hoofbeats? He stiffened straight up in the chair and opened his eyelids as wide as they would go, as if that would somehow help him hear better. He smiled when the sound was no longer questionable.

He ducked quickly to the window, and his eyes rewarded him with the sight he longed for. My Love! He rushed quickly out of the children's bedroom and went straight for the front door of the house, throwing the pendulous oak door open with an ease that belied its massive weight. He made it outside just in time to see her dismount from her horse with a flourish, her grand robes swirling about her.

He found her eyes easily, even in the darkness. Her beauty outshone the torches that lit the entry. Snatching her into his arms, he kissed the breath out of her before she could even greet him. When he was satisfied she was real and not some unfair dream, he pulled away from her just enough to give himself room to talk. "Curse the Council of Elders for keeping you away from me so late."

Clearly pleased with her reception, she licked her lips, relishing his fresh taste. "You needn't worry about my late return for some time to come, my love." She locked her eyes on his and pushed her full breasts towards his chest. Clearly, she had some enticing plan in mind. "I'm happy to report that the conflict to the North has been resolved. The Council voted unanimously to be in recess until the next equinox." She perched on her tiptoes and breathed on him. "I'll have no excuse to leave the house for months."

Her breath condensed in the cold night air and swirled around him, caressing him with her love. Every fiber of his body reached for her, desired her, melted into her. He reveled in how the curves of their bodies fit together so perfectly, as if they were sculpted from birth to complete each other.

And it was then that he knew, their love was the stuff of legends.

~The End~

Author's Note: If Janeway & Chakotay seem a little "off" in this story, don't worry. It's not you, it's the story :) This ficlet was written for the Guess The Pairing Contest hosted by Ewige in February 2009. The challenge of the contest was two-fold: 1) for authors to write stories about Star Trek Voyager characters, without directly naming them and 2) for the readers to try to figure out the star pairing in the story! I wrote How I Met Your Mother to be intentionally misleading. It is not about Janeway and Chakotay, it's about the Angry Warrior and the Woman Warrior From The Neighboring Tribe in Chakotay's "Ancient Legend" as told to Janeway during their stay on New Earth.
I was inspired by the picture below.

Illustration by David Roach, taken from Avalon Rising - A Star Trek: Voyager comic book.
It's out of print, but you can still find copies on eBay.

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